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We believe authentication should be simple and secure

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ABOUT Identité

Identité was founded by a team of experts with a passion for doing things right. We believe authentication should be simple and secure. We have taken notice of current authentication solutions and believe they all have come up short from the perspective of the end user.It is called NoPass which is short for “no passwords”. It is the very first authentication solution designed with the end user in mind.

It is designed to eliminate passwords in the authentication process. This does not mean it makes the authentication less secure – quite the opposite. One of the reasons others have failed to implement this is because no one gave it much thought on the end user and how we can help them make the transition to password-less authentication. Well, we did and we are finding the adoption rate to be rapid and high.

We provide our clients with the simplest and most secure user experience available. Identité offers easy-to-use software solutions, cloud services and on-premise deployment that provide unparalleled security and safety.

NoPass uses a unique combination of security methods to achieve the safest, two-way authentication for both the services and the users.


We designed NoPass with the simplest type of user in mind – the consumer. Having said that, NoPass is the easiest and most secure multi-factor authentication tool for employees, contractors, agents, and privileged users. It’s also the least expensive and lightest deployment of anything on the market.



Users do not want passwords. Passwords are hard to create let alone remember. Most users are comfortable with a simple user name or email to identify themselves.

NoPass employs a patented process known as full-duplex authentication. The user will know it’s a valid NoPass Server and NoPass will know it’s the user during registration and authentication. Say goodbye to “man in the middle” or phishing attacks because NoPass removes passwords from the authentication process.


Many users wish to be known by a single identity which is most often their favorite social media account.



NoPass authentication app works in iOS and Android and is available in the Apple App Store and Google Playstore.

New product features relevant and in tune with your needs, regular security releases to keep you and your users safe and up to date. Very trustful consent management, we will not save anything until you allow us.

Identité can work with your organization to design and implement a custom authentication tool. Great for those needing help designing their website or portal, specialized workforces with purpose-built devices, physical security, etc.

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Identité offers free sales and implementation training. Contact us if you are interested in a live demo or for more information.